Sarah Honeychurch

Lacey in a box

Hi - I'm Sarah, an English ex-pat living on Glasgow, Scotland. I am employed as a learning technologist, but my real passion is for co-operative and collaborative learning, specifically Jigsaw Classroom type models of learning. My background (BA, MA) is in analytic philosophy, and I still teach it a wee bit, but my love is for the reprobates such a Nietzsche and Deleuze and Guattari - particularly their writings about the rhizome. I was (am) a part of #rhizo14 and think a lot about how to apply that to learning.

Cagney in a tunnel

I'm a lover of Doctor Who, and at the moment I am thinking about Daleks, Cybermen and the Borg (Star Trek). In my spare time I am owned by two black cats. I tweet from @NomadWarMachine and I blog at

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